Kwalitaz Industries is a supplier of premium goods based on the island nation of Curaçao in the southern Caribbean Sea.

We currently operate within four major industrial sectors. Our goal is to serve our clients by importing high quality products and materials from around the world.


We believe in four fundamental values within our company: 


Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products from the world’s finest partner companies. 


We carefully select what products we import, and stand behind every single one.


We operate our company behind many years of professional experience in the business world.


When you choose to work with us as a client, you’ll know exactly who your partners are.


At Kwalitaz Industries, we take a vested interest in the brands we represent and the products we supply.

Since our founding as a company, we have grown steadily with the island’s economy and expanded our product lines. If you represent a company that produces fine goods within your industry, we invite you to work with us as your partners in trade to Curaçao and the Caribbean region.


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